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Perlite Expansion Systems
LNG tank Incon P20H Collector Incon P20 Standing 3S600M
World's Largest Liquid Nitrogen Plant Insulated with Perlite

First LNG facility in Canada Insulated with Expanded Perlite

Perlite for Non-Evacuated Cryogenic and Low Temperature Service

900 Tons Expanded Perlite to Insulate LNG Tank in Dominican Republic

- Mobile Wheeled Perlite Systems
- Portable Perlite Systems
- Transportable Perlite Systems

Incon offers a variety of mobile, portable, and transportable perlite expansion systems, in a range of production capacities, that can be used to produce different perlite end-products.

The most common use of these systems is the on-site production of expanded perlite for use as insulation in large cryogenic tanks.

Incon P20 Portable Perlite Furnace

INCON P-20 Furnace and Collection System
Standing up, in operating position.

Equipment for this type of work can include: portable and mobile furnacing equipment, portable baghouses, portable dense-phase conveying systems, bulkers (large tank trucks), blowing and evacuating equipment, etc.  Incon produces those systems and the associated support equipment in capacities ranging from 500 to 2+ tons per hour.

The type of equipment best suited to a market depends upon several factors including: service area (geographic location), type and availability of transport for the equipment, project (tank) size and timeline requirements, emissions requirements, and adherence to codes and regulations.

When projects are small, equipment set-up time can become an important project cost concern; while for large projects, high production capacity is usually the more important concern.

If servicing a central geographic area where good roads exist, a mobile system, built ready-to-operate on a wheeled trailer may be the most practical.

INCON Portable Dense-Phase Conveying System

INCON Portable Dense-Phase Conveying System

If the unit must serve a variety of areas in parts of the world where the roads may not support large equipment, subassemblies capable of being easily transported in 20-foot overseas shipping containers may be more appropriate.

One “typical” system is the Incon P20.  It is a complete perlite expansion system pre-assembled in (2) frames that can ship in a single 40’ overseas shipping container.  The Incon P20 can also be mounted on a trailer for use as a tilt-up mobile.  It has production capacity ranging from 500 – 900 kg/hr and includes a dense-phase conveying system capable of pumping the expanded product through a hose to the point of delivery inside a large tank or cold-box.

In addition to “standard” systems such as the P20, Incon also develops unique systems for specific markets or applications to bring efficiencies that allow our equipment users to dominate their markets.  Our large library of proven designs allow us to streamline development of new systems. Using them, Incon has constructed a broader diversity of this kind of equipment than any other supplier. 

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