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Leading Manufacturer of Perlite Systems and Equipment
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World's Largest Liquid Nitrogen Plant Insulated with Perlite

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Company Profile

Incon Corporation was founded in 1989 by Arthur D. Anderson. Formerly Vice-President of The Perlite Corporation and a Director of The Perlite Institute , Mr. Anderson has been responsible for the design and implementation of more than one hundred perlite processing systems around the world since 1975.

Incon Corporation has brought new levels of innovation to perlite processing equipment with designs offering unprecedented production efficiency and quality control.

Incon Corporation also purchased all rights to The Perlite Corporation, including exclusive use of its designs, its research data, and the intellectual property of what once was the leading manufacturer of perlite furnaces.

This combination of assets makes Incon uniquely qualified to provide support for existing systems, and allows unequaled flexibility in the design and manufacture of new ones.

Our experience has allowed us to develop strategies and equipment to meet diverse production and economic requirements; and has allowed us to gain familiarity with many of the types of perlite ore available worldwide.

Incon's clients include the full range of companies in the industry from independent perlite producers with only one processing system to large industrial users with multiple furnaces directly feeding their process line; and also include, for example, S&B Industrial Minerals S.A., the leading supplier of perlite ore outside the USA, who use our equipment for their own in-house expansion of perlite.

Incon offers a complete line of perlite processing systems including: laboratory equipment; pilot-plant expanders; and high production, energy efficient commercial scale systems, complete from raw material handling through to product storage and packaging/mixing equipment.

Incon’s systems can include manual or fully automatic controls and are available with capacities ranging from a few pounds per hour to more than 3.5 tons per hour.

In addition to equipment and systems, Incon provides consulting services in the planning of new systems, the refinement of existing systems, and the evaluation of new ore deposits.

Successful projects and continued support to clients have been key to Incon's success and are our first priority for the future.

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