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Leading Manufacturer of Perlite Systems and Equipment
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USGS Releases Report on Perlite

Perlite Website

World's Largest Liquid Nitrogen Plant Insulated with Perlite

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Manufacturing of Incon's equipment is very efficient and scalable. Our approach provides a high degree of control, quality assurance, and low cost over large swings in workload.

During the procurement phase, custom written software provides for efficient and automatic purchasing of items. In many cases, Incon can take advantage of OEM discounts on items, can make large purchase for inventory at lower cost, and can, for example, procure expensive grades of stainless steel in custom sizes to eliminate waste.

Production is then carried out at facilities specially suited to the task. Procedures and standards are used which have been developed through years of close cooperation and training. This provides good quality control at the best possible value.

Steel parts for example are produced using a computer plasma machine with our standard designs preprogrammed. When parts are required, the use of that machine and the already proven and loaded programs automatically assures properly made parts, with little or no labor cost, laid out and cut as efficiently as possible, arranged to use the least amount of steel, completed in the shortest time.

Rotary airlocks are machined using a large Bullard well suited to the task. Producing multiples to stock when the workload is otherwise low allows low production cost while the resulting inventory of finished subassemblies allows for quick supply of finished airlocks when needed.

All other aspects of production are arranged with equal levels of detail and control. The procedures have been developed and refined through the years and now allow us to offer quality equipment at the best value possible.

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