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The Incon Advantage

There are many reasons why Incon is the right choice.

Operating Cost - A small difference in operating cost can easily accumulate to more than the value of the equipment itself. Unprecedented production rate, product yield, and energy efficiency from Incon equipment combine to keep all operating costs their lowest.

Ease of Operation - Incon's equipment is inherently stable in operation. This combined with good instrumentation provides for a simple, by-the-numbers, approach to operation that assures predictable operation and results.

Reliability - Reliability of operation is a key requirement. Incon puts this criterion in the forefront by designing for flexibility, with the right choice of proven components, without allowing the design to become overly complex.

The correct choice of equipment and components to use in a system can only be made with experience. Our long and specialized history has allowed us to avoid the use of features and components in our system which were found to be less reliable than others.

Even in the event of a component failure, we strive in our designs to provide the flexibility to allow continued production. The more that you must rely on the operation of your equipment, the more you can rely on Incon.

Low Maintenance - Incon's equipment is renowned for its durability and low required maintenance. The life on many items from Incon is several times that of comparable equipment from others. This lowers not only cost of replacement parts but also the expense of installation together with lost production/sales from down-time.

People familiar with other's equipment are frequently surprised by Incon's robust construction.

- Transport pipes for example are three times thicker than those from other vendors.

- The primary cyclone is made 1/2" [12.7mm thick] from a special grade of abrasion resisting manganese steel at the area of most wear. Again many times more robust than standard construction of others.

These are just two of many examples of the type of construction which Incon uses to provide long reliable maintenance-free life.

Good Documentation - Incon supplies a detailed manual that conveniently compiles information about and provides extensive details of each system.

Purchase Cost - Highly efficient engineering, manufacturing, and project management processes together with economies of scale and OEM purchase agreements allow Incon to provide very robust systems at unparalleled value.

It's Not Just a Side Line - Unlike other suppliers, the supply of perlite systems is Incon's main line of work. Our future survival is dependent on the success we bring to our clients. And, our focus, dedication, and scale of operation combine to provide economies not easily attained by others.

Flexibility in Design - Our willingness to adapt together with our library of data from over two hundred systems give Incon the unequaled ability to reliably provide systems which are tailored to meet each client's specific needs.

Ease of Supply of Spare Parts - Incon recognizes that many times, local supply of components can be more economical or timely. To accommodate this, wherever possible, our systems use components from suppliers in the area or from suppliers having good global distribution. In this way we both assure parts supply and compliance with various standards and codes.

In the US for example, Allen-Bradley components meeting US standards are used while in Europe Klockner-Mueller components may be used meeting DIN standards. Flame controls are by Honeywell who have worldwide distribution of devices meeting the codes of each country.

In addition to relying on local suppliers, Incon can also be called on for replacement parts supply. An inventory is kept of parts which we consider critical to operation. Because of our purchasing agreements and practices, we can frequently provide these at lower cost than the costs from other sources of supply.

Whichever your path, you can be assured of the parts needed to carry your business into the future.

Service & Support - Integral with Incon's system supply is its ongoing support, whether in the form of extended training, troubleshooting, or in the improvement of systems as a result of our ongoing development program.

We recognize the importance of this to our clients, have frequently been complimented on it, and have been told many times that our system would have been chosen over others for this reason alone, even without the other advantages.

"All the Right Reasons"

While any one of the reasons alone may be sufficient to justify the choice, going with Incon gives all the right reasons.

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